How does consignment work?

We all have items we no longer have a use for. With consignment we are using our years of resale experience and large customer base... to sell those items for you! When they sell, you get 40% of the selling price!  If you have larger items that sell for higher than $50 you will receive 50% of the selling price. 

Will we take everything you bring in?

Through experience, trial-and-error, we have found that some items, no matter how fabulous they are, just don't appeal to Once Mine customers. When you arrive we will determine what will sell well at Once Mine.

How do we keep up with everything?

Each consignor is assigned a vendor number and all your items are inventoried onto your account before they are placed on the sales floor.

Do you need an appointment?

We accept consignments from 8:30-4:30 Monday thru Friday. No appointment is needed to drop off during those hours!

How should you bring your clothes in?

Clothes should be clean, stain-free, wrinkle-free, freshly washed and in excellent condition.

What season of clothing are we taking?

We accept summer clothing February - June and Winter clothing July - January.

You are having a yard sale. Can you bring the things that don't sell?

If it didn't sell at a yard sale, it probably isn't going to sell here either! Those aren't the items we are looking for. Before having a yard sale, you may want to consider the benefits of consigning your items. In general, your items are selling for 90 days instead of a few hours, we are doing all the work for you, you usually make more money, and no one is knocking on your door at six in the morning!

Can you sell your wedding dress or jewelry?

No we don't consign wedding dresses or jewelry.

Who sets the prices?

Once Mine Boutique sets all selling prices. If you bring in items of significant value, please let us know so that we can discuss pricing with you!  We depend on you, the consignor, to point out anything you think may have special value.